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Hi! I'm Jill. My  Intention behind HearthFire Collective is a communal place created to support the whole you and the fire within your heart.

It is a collective of the core offerings of Yoga,Holistic Health and Education.


 The idea was inspired by a story that was shared with me during my first yoga teacher training on the history of fire in villages long ago, before fire was easily made as it is today. Back during a time when there was one fire for an entire village known was the Hearth Fire. It was an integral part of a village and an essential source of wellbeing. Both a central place of gathering and a means to meet the needs of families.  Assigned villagers would take turns tending to the fire day and night to ensure it did not go out.  All in the village would source from this one communal fire bringing it in to the heart of their homes for warmth and light.

The story left an imprint an imprint  and a vision for the future of a place that could fill a modern day need. While we no longer need to rely on each other ensure this literal fire is burning to keep warm and cook our food, we do still need each other. These communal fires provided for so much more than just a physical wellbeing, they offered a place to learn and lean, to celebrate and grieve, to give thanks, to love and be loved.

This is the Hope for HearthFire Collective.  A place where you can come to have the needs of you and your family  in mind, body and spirit cared for.  A place that fuels the fire of your heart, your forever home, so that you can be the fullness of warmth and light that you are. 

About Me

I come from a long line of healthcare providers including grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, aunts and uncles.Naturally I have always been drawn to health and wellness and began a career as a Registered Nurse working in Labor and Delivery 2001.  Yoga came into my life as a way to support my love for running, but I quickly recognized it's potency was so much more than a physical practice. Over the years, the demands of working in healthcare took a toll and I was struggling with sever anxiety and depression. 

After reaching in many directions looking to regain clarity and strength I surrendered into yoga as a means to healing. 

Through practice and study I discovered yoga offered the kind of true healthcare I had set out to share when I choose the path of nursing. I have over 1,000 hours of yoga training, including certifications in prenatal yoga and yoga psychology. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Holistic Nursing



Class Sign Up /Passes

Class Offerings

Weekly Classes at Austin Yoga Tree


Vinyasa with Weights

Monday/Wednesday  9:45-10:45am cst

offered online and in person


info/signup here

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