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The Intention behind HearthFIre Collective is a communal place created to support the whole you and the fire within your heart.

It is a collective of the core offerings of Health Education, Yoga, and Natural Health Solutions.


 The idea was inspired by a story that was shared with founder Jill Birt during her first yoga teacher training.  It was a story shared on the history of fire in villages long ago, before fire was easily made as it is today. Back  during a time when there was one fire for an entire village known was the Hearth Fire. It was an integral part of a village and an essential source of wellbeing. Both a central place of gathering and a means to meet the needs of families.  Assigned villagers would take turns tending to the fire day and night to ensure it did not go out.  All in the village would source from this one communal fire bringing it in to the heart of their homes for warmth and light.

The story left an imprint on Jill and a vision for the future of a place that could fill a modern day need. While we no longer need to rely on each other ensure this literal fire is burning to keep warm and cook our food, we do still need each other. These communal fires provided for so much more than just a physical wellbeing, they offered a place to learn and lean, to celebrate and grieve, to give thanks, to love and be loved.

This is the Hope for HearthFire Collective.  A place where you can come to have the needs of you and your family  in mind, body and spirit cared for.  A place that fuels the fire of your heart, your forever home, so that you can be the fullness of warmth and light that you are. 

About Jill

 Jill Comes from a long line of healthcare providers including grandmothers, grandfathers, parents, aunts and uncles. Naturally, she has always been drawn to health and wellness and began a career as a Registered Nurse working in Labor and Delivery 2001. She was first drawn to yoga when her life began to fill with family and

career demands as a way to knock out a need for physical exercise and rest in 1

quick hour. She lovingly referred to it as a wam, bam, thank you ma’am- kind of

experience. Over the years, the demands of working in healthcare and raising a family, began to wear her down. Anxiety and depression were wreaking havoc on her life. 

After reaching in many directions looking to regain clarity and strength  she surrendered into yoga as a means to healing. 


 Through the intellectual and spiritual guidance of her teachers she began to

discover the depth of yoga and reunite the layers of  mind, body and soul.


She realized that yoga offered the kind of true healthcare she had set out to share when she choose the path of nursing. She learned that Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, and 

discovered those good feelings she kept coming back for were down much deeper then

her muscles. She is awed by the ability Yoga has to infiltrate into any one person’s life

in a way that is unique to them as an individual while simultaneously creating unity

among many. She arranges her classes and offeringswith this principle in mind. Leaving space for

individuality along with intentional guidance through movement, breath and


Additionally yoga introduced her to natural and holistic options to support healthcare, including the power of essential oils which she now uses regularly to support herself and her family's wellness needs.  As an educator for doTERRA essential oils she  loves  guiding others on these natural solutions for health.


She has  created HEARTHFIRE COLLECTIVE as a container to hold these values thru tangible offerings and experiences.


Class Sign Up /Passes

Class Offerings

Currently all classes are being offered virtually via Zoom.  Classes are $10/class or you can choose to purchase a 5 Class pass for $40 ($8/class), Once you've signed up for a  class you will receive a zoom link. Please note you will need to download Zoom (it's free) to your computer or device if you don't already have it. 

Recorded Classes can be found under the Video Library Tab.  You have the option to rent them individually, purchase a monthly unlimited membership to the on-demand  library, or purchase an all inclusive membership which includes

live classes + unlimited on-demand. 

In addition to the below class schedule I am teaching the following classes virtually via

Prenatal Yoga     Wednesdays     12:00pm (central time)


Postnatal Yoga    Wednesdays     1:30pm (central time)

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