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Essential Oils

 Both my Husband and I are Registered Nurses.  Although we have always strongly  valued simple holistic practices such as clean nutrition, adequate rest and healthy life style choices, we have tended to lean towards our knowledge and training as nurses when treating symptoms and medical needs of  our family.  Over time we have begun to transition away from  pharmacueticals and over the counter medications and towards essential oils as treatment for common ailments and emotional support. We  hold great respect for the advancements in modern medicine as we have had the personal experience of utilizing these methods in practice and the grateful opportunity of saving lives as a result of them. We view the rise of Integrative Holistic Medicine as one of the remarkable advancements in medicine and are enjoying bringing it in to our home.   Our brand of choice for essential oils is doTERRA, in our experience and research doTERRA holds the highest standards of quality for essential oils, partners with healthcare professional/ providers,  and upholds ethical business practices that align with our values. 

If you would like to schedule a one -on -one wellness consultation where together we  explore and discuss the best oils for your needs please contact me here.






If you are ready to  purchase essential oils for your home you can click on this link  to receive become a wholesale customer with me and receive a 25% discount on all purchases.  In addition to your purchase you will receive a detailed booklet with guidance as well as on going guidance from me. 

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