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Prior to stepping full time in to teaching yoga, I   worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Austin, TX for 15 years.  I am grateful for the opportunity to blend my  experience as a  Labor and Delivery nurse  with the teachings of yoga.

prenatal yoga
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Prenatal Yoga
PREPARED birth prep
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Prepared,  birth prep
Prenatal Yoga




Often in pregnancy the focus is on your growing baby and the changes your baby is enduring. This LIVE virtual offering is fully focused on you and the changes your body, mind and spirit are experiencing during pregnancy.  


What you will receive, 


  • An in depth understanding of changes occurring

    • anatomically

    • physiologically

    • energetically

  • Tools and suggestions on supporting these changes for

    • yoga and movement practices

    • personal energy maintenance

    • emotional balance

  • Open community time to connect with others in pregnancy
  • A 45 minute guided yoga & relaxation practice 
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a different kind of birth




Integrative Motherhood + Birth Preparation 


Due to the current need for physical distance it is likely the next offering of  this series will be in a live virtual village format via Zoom.  This will allow us to still offer the social support we all need.


PREPARED is a different kind of birth preparation, It isn't just preparation for childbirth, it is an offering of preparation and support for motherhood.


The curriculum  is rooted in the wisdom and teachings of yoga utilizing the practices of breath work,  mindfulness, meditation and movement intertwined  with the  knowledge and experience I  hold as a  labor and delivery nurse. In each class we dive deeper into the teachings of yoga and  intricacies of the body.  Learning, practicing and exploring how we can utilize these understandings to support the whole self  - mind, body and spirit - through pregnancy, childbirth and the experience of motherhood.


Next Session Dates Coming Soon!


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