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Prior to stepping full time in to teaching yoga, I   worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Austin, TX for 15 years.  I am grateful for the opportunity to blend my  experience as a  Labor and Delivery nurse  with the teachings of yoga.





PREPARED is a different kind of birth preparation, It isn't just preparation for childbirth, it is an offering of preparation and support for motherhood.


The curriculum  is rooted in the wisdom and teachings of yoga utilizing the practices of breath work,  mindfulness, meditation and movement intertwined  with the  knowledge and experience I  hold as a  labor and delivery nurse. In each class we dive deeper into the teachings of yoga and  intricacies of the body.  Learning, practicing and exploring how we can utilize these understandings to support the whole self  - mind, body and spirit - through pregnancy, childbirth and the experience of motherhood.


In each class you can expect to build strength and bring ease to the physical body through movement and breath practices. Foster your mind-body connection through meditation and mindfulness. Gain an understanding of the  process of labor both scientifically and energetically and deepen your  understanding of how the lifestyle teachings of yoga can support  the whole of the motherhood experience, including childbirth.    



Next Offering 

4 Week Series @ The Little Yoga House

Saturdays 3-5:30pm 

Jan 4th - 25th


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Prenatal Yoga Offerings 


Wednesday's 12 - 1:15pm  @ The Little Yoga House 

Sundays  1-2pm @ Soul Strong Yoga 


(I am honored to share the responsibility of teaching this  Sunday with Sarah Evans, Sarah is an incredible teacher and Icon in Austin's lineage of prenatal yoga teachers)

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