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Aiming towards the Bullseye

Leading off with Love

With this new year comes a familiar buzz , a  collective energy of renewal.  It's palpable, riding along threads of connection carrying inspiration and new found energy.  With observation I have been drawn into the awareness of the correlation between  the very first teaching of yoga and this familiar buzz.

Ahimsa: non-violence

At first interpretation this may seem off point, but with a wider lens and study the depth of the teaching reveals a bullseye. The teaching in Ahimsa is Love, Compassion and  Kindness towards all, including you.  

Yoga guides us to begin our practice within. 

This is where the bullseye appears.  Each new year this energy of renewal so often includes setting intentions that translate into loving and caring for ourselves. There is an innate desire to let go of habits we recognize to be destructive to our wellbeing and replace them with those that better support us.

With a discipline of practice  approached from a perspective of Ahimsa  these new habits can more easily become a way of life. When we choose to be loving to  our own body, mind and spirit, this love begins to radiate outward and the fullness of Ahimsa emanates towards all beings. 

My personal practice of Ahimsa has lead me in this very same way bringing with it shifts and intention of which I want to share with you.

In Love & Kindness,  Jill

Supporting New Years intentions through the Yoga practice of Ahimsa

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